Keynote Speakers of ICMBT 2020


Assoc. Prof. Shigeki Kano
Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

Shigeki Kano, Ph.D. in economics, is an associate professor of economics in the Graduate School of Economics at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU) in Osaka, Japan. After completing the Ph.D. program of the University of Tsukuba (Ibaraki, Japan), he have joined to the OPU. His research filed is econometrics and economic statistics, specifically applied micro-econometrics and panel data analysis. He have published articles on the empirical analysis of labor market and education issues and a textbook on econometrics. His current research interest is in the simulation-based estimation and testing of dynamic panel data models. He teaches statistics and econometrics in the undergraduate and graduate programs and serves as an advisor of the Statistics Division, Department of General Affairs, and the Elderly Citizens Care Office, Department of Welfare, Osaka Prefecture.

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